Do u know what's BIG day is today?!?!?
It's T.O.P. Birthday!!!! ❤❤❤
Ok,im a big fan of T.O.P.!!!i love him much!!!
Maybe you won't see this post but i still wanna to write this (status)?Because u alws hv thousand /million of fans to write blessing for you.
Happy 28th Birthday!!!!
T.O.P. oppa,u know u're old 1years  dyy,,but you alws the most youngest Handsome Oppa in my heart!!!((ahahaha
And and im waiting for your new drama!!!bcuz of u i started to like kpop!!!And u're alws will be the idol that i alws like the most!!!u're alws the handsome,the youngest ,the hottest guy(even more) ever in the bottom of my heart!!!!Wish u hv a great day and dreams come true!!!!

생일 축하합니다. 좋은 하루 되세요 당신의! 당신을 사랑합니다!😘😘😘

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I support Agentina,,
No matter how was the results,the most important is the process.

Fighting,,Agentina,,you're a team,,not alone.


Happy MOTHER'S Day: DD
Alle the best,  wish you dreams come true,
And be happy everyday 😃😃😘😘😘
Thanks for you,that always carong about me,
Love you chim chim <3 <3 <3
Happy Mother's Day !!!!


Why do you don't keep your promise ??
You always say you wanna to do it but in the end you always don't keep your promises .
Sometimes I really hate the way you lie.
I quarrel with you many times but we always had the happy endding.
But I'm really doesn't like you that much as before.
Please stop that, I know you'll forget about it,
I know you're popular,
you can lose a friend without any feeling,
people likes you more than me,


Sometimes I fell the world is meaningless , useless to me.
Never known why I was born.
But now , maybe I know what the meaning is.
I have family , a family that take care of me.

Mine family makes me feel warm,
when I'm sad , my mum will comfort me,
when I'm hungry , my dad will cook for me,
when I'm bored , my sisters will play with me.

I know sometimes I did something wrong you will scold me,
but I know you're caring of me.
Sometimes I'm always scold back you , 
because I felt that not the truth,
because you take away to much of my freedom.
If I let you disappointed then sorry.


Why lives so complex.
Always strength what they want and so unfair.
Why people so reality, sometimes I thought that lives was beautiful and fair,
but sometimes I don't think like that either once.
We must to pay out what we want but someone always get it easily without paying on it.
Why lives so dramatic??